WhoTrades MetaTrader



Hello, and welcome to the MT4 Platform training course. This course is designed to teach you to understand and utilize all the features and functionalities of this trading platform. The ability to take advantage of all the features that this software has to offer may prove crucial to your success as a trader.

MT4 is the most widely used trading platform for Forex traders. It combines sophisticated analytical and trading tools in one simple interface.

WhoTrades has further developed MT4 to bring you a number of useful tools, giving you an important edge when trading. Your MT4 platform is fully integrated into the WhoTrades website, so your desktop trades are reflected on the WhoTrades website and vice versa.

First Time Demo Login

(If you have already downloaded and logged in to the MT4 trading platform, please feel free to skip this section.)

Follow these steps to access MT4:

  1. Click on Try Metatrader within the Forex/CFD section of the Trading page. Then follow the instructions to retrieve your login information.
    (Please note that you may be asked to provide your cell phone number to proceed.)

  2. Click on Download Metatrader 4 and in the window that pops up, click on Run. Finally, follow the installation instructions. In your Start menu, click on WhoTrades Metatrader 4 to open the program.

  3. Upon initializing the trading platform, you will be prompted for a login and password. You can find this information on the Trading page by clicking on Try Metatrader.

    Make sure that Save Account Information is selected and click on Login.

Note: If connected to the server, you will notice that the connection bars go green.