Triple Screen Trading System



Hello and welcome to this course on the Triple Screen Trading System.

Traders are always looking for the silver bullet approach to trading the markets. Many beginners look at a single indicator as their money maker. But the truth is that the market is too complex to be analyzed with only one indicator.

As you start using technical indicators, you may realize that they have some inherent flaws. Trend-following indicators, like the Moving Averages, are profitable when the markets are moving in a direction and can become costly when the markets fall in a range. Oscillator indicators are great for range-bound markets, but fall short when prices are moving sharply in a direction.

As a matter of fact, these two types of indicators constantly contradict each other. For example, in an uptrend, the trend-following indicator will tell you to follow the trend, signaling to BUY.  Meanwhile, oscillators tell you that the market is overbought and its time to SELL. So which indicator should you trust?

The Triple Screen Trading System combines both indicators, limiting the disadvantages and keeping the strengths of each. It applies 3 tests, or screens, to any potential trade and gives a trade signal only if all three are favorable.

Stick around for the rest of the course to find out how it works.